Guy Kawasaki

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Love this site: Grammarics. It provides pictorial representations of grammar rules.

Bedford/St. Martin's


Liven up your grammar discussions with Grammarics: cartoon illustrations of grammar rules.

Susan K Becker

Becker Consulting Services

As someone who often works with business professionals on writing, I wish I’d seen your gallery decades ago, to recommend with Elements of Style.I enjoy grammar but realize reading about it is completely out of sync with a population that learns visually.



My perfectionist son really enjoyed this workbook series. It was much easier to look for other people’s grammar mistakes and explain why it was wrong than to have me give him a paper back with red marks on it. After he completed the series, he was able to accept editing feedback on his own writing without feeling like it was a personal attack or that he was a failure at writing.


ESL Learner

I find your lessons very effective. I love to answer your exercises. It has really improved my grammar. Looking forward to receiving more lessons from you. Please keep on sending. A million thanks.


Language Trainer

I like the illustrations. They can be very helpful reminders to those who are visual learners.