Than vs. Then

Why do these sentences create different meanings?

Then vs. Than 1

Than is used in comparisons.

  • Ray is smarter than Chris.
  • Is Jane taller than you?

Then has numerous meanings. The meanings, with examples, are given below.

1. At that point in time

  • I wasn’t mature enough then to realize that completing homework was important.

2. Next/ afterward (sequence)

  • Do your homework and then go to play.

3. In addition/ also

  • I need to finish my science project and then there is the math homework too.

4. In that case, therefore (often with “if”)

  • If you want to go to play, then you’ll have to finish your homework.

Then vs. Than 4In this sentence, than is used to indicate comparison.




Then vs. Than 5In this sentence, then is used to indicate a sequence. Unless someone is really keen on wearing two hats, the usage of then here would be incorrect.

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