Misplaced Modifiers

Why do these two pictures create different meanings?

Misplaced Modifiers 1To modify is to change or add to the meaning of another word. A modifier is a word or group of words that does this. Modifiers need to be used carefully; else, they may cause unintended humor or confusion.

The golden rule of placing modifiers: place the modifier as close as is possible to the word or phrase that it seeks to modify. This will solve the issue in most cases. Remember, modifiers are like teenagers – they fall in love with whatever they are next to!

Let’s understand it with the help of the pictorial examples given above.

Misplaced Modifiers 2In this sentence, covered with hot melting cheese (the modifier) modifies the person eating it and not the pizza.

Misplaced Modifiers 3In this sentence, the modifier is placed before pizza to clarify that covered with hot melting cheese (the modifier) refers to the pizza and not to the person eating it.

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