Allergy to Grammar Errors

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  1. Grammar is the basis for us to get through, the paruomant thing to build up sentences. Our conversations would be pointless without it. We might speak like the Indians but if we donb4t want a native english speaker to look us with a straight face while web4re speaking and unless somebody invent some magic pills to learn lenguages automatically, sorry guys, there is no other way.P.S.: I want that beer, but with lemon please, you know, hahaha!

    1. Thank you for the lesson! I ditlnefeiy agree with you– why would you NOT use the correct word/spelling if you know it? Anything else just makes you seem less intelligent. A few other ideas for you–I often see writers confuse “then” and “than,” as well as using “I’d,” “I’ve” and “I would’ve” incorrectly.And even while I write this comment I am reminded that I don’t always know the correct way to combine punctuation such as “this,” or “this”, :)Thanks for your useful and informative blogs!

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