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Combo Learning Pack – Punctuation

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Overview of Combo Learning Pack – Punctuation: This is a collection of individual learning packs that we sell in the subject area of punctuation, available as a combo pack with significant discount on price. Ideal for those who like the learning resources and want to save through a bulk purchase. This combo pack covers the following individual learning packs:

  • Learning Pack 1: Apostrophe Usage (Click here for details)
  • Learning Pack 2: Comma Usage (Click here for details)
  • Learning Pack 3: Hyphen Usage (Click here for details)

These learning packs explain the rules of punctuation through pictorial representations. This combo pack will cover the following concepts:

  • Apostrophe usage in possession and plural
  • Apostrophe usage in singular and plural possession
  • Apostrophe usage in joint and separate possession
  • Apostrophes in contractions
  • It’s vs. Its
  • Your’e vs. Your
  • They’re vs. There vs. Their
  • Comma in direct address
  • The serial comma
  • Comma in appositives
  • Hyphens in compound modifiers consisting of two words
  • Hyphens in compound modifiers consisting of three or more words
  • Hyphens in words with ‘re’ prefix

The pack contains 111 pages of learning material.

  • 13 detailed lessons covering each of the concepts, explained through pictorial representations
  • 110 questions with answer keys to practice the concepts
  • 21 posters that can be printed out and used as ready recokners in  classroom or at home

Alignment to U.S. Common Core Standards: L.2.2c, L.3.2d, L.3.2b, L.4.2c, L.5.2a (Progressive Skill Up To Grade 8), L.5.2b, L.5.2c, L.6.2a (Progressive Skill Up To Grade 12) & L.11-12.2a

Product Specifications: 

  • The files are in PDF format and can be downloaded from the links provided to you post payment
  • The lessons, quiz questions and answer keys are designed in A4 size
  • The posters have been created in 3:4 aspect ratio, with a recommended printing size of 12″ x 16″.
  • You can use your printer’s options to scale the pages to other paper sizes like letter or A4

Purchasing Options: You can buy the material directly from this website using the “Add To Cart” button. Alternatively, if you are  teacher and want to purchase through “Teachers Pay Teachers”, then please click here.


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